Welcome to the Asia Audio Society

Welcome to the Asia Audio Society.

If you lose sleep in the search of reference levels of audio reproduction this site is for you!

In the entire archive of recorded music only a handful of albums can be said to be of true reference standard. These are recordings that possess a quality transcending that of audio playback equipment such that any improvement in the playback chain is rewarded with increased realism and understanding of the artists’ intentions.

In audio playback there is a bewildering choice of equipment and many boast obscene price tags, expensive-sounding materials or some kind of new technology. Unfortunately it is extremely rare to encounter a system that actually sounds good, regardless of price.


Asia Audio Society was founded by music lovers with a passion for advancing today’s accepted reference standard in sound quality by applying well-researched techniques with rigorous engineering.

Our recording approach builds on and enhances the knowledge and experience of the old masters by re-interpreting their techniques using the best equipment that modern technology can offer. We eschew the modern production line method of relying on large numbers of microphones and heavy handed post production because it invariably results in run-of-mill results. Instead we take a craftsman’s approach, using a small number of optimally placed and selected microphones to achieve recordings that are fundamentally right first time.

Our playback approach is similarly one of combining the modern with the traditional. The last time there was fundamental progress in analog electronics was the invention of the transistor (and some would even argue about that!). Similarly there has been no fundamental progress in loudspeakers for decades – the best systems are still based on analog horn or cone technology. Digital source technology however has seen steady improvement driven by Moore’s Law and hi definition formats together with modern ADC/DAC technology can hold real advantages for complex music such as orchestral symphonies. We therefore gravitate towards systems with the latest digital technology supported by respected and time-tested electronics and loudspeakers – with a twist!



Musical Fidelity Trivista 21 DAC – best at 96KHz, by Ed Kwok

Trivista 21 is an upsampling DAC, whatever format you feed it, it internally upsamples to 96KHz or 192KHz depending on the position of the back-panel switch. Upsampling is performed by the CS8420 chip which is a 1990’s signal processor running a rudimentary algorithm in integer that is sure to introduce all kinds of errors. My …


Asia Audio Society welcomes contact from musicians looking to make a reference recording and from audiophiles in search of the ultimate sound.